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Cherry Blossom

May 2008



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May. 9th, 2008

Cherry Blossom

Closing up shop/opening up shop

I'm closing my shop on Etsy: http://meidesigns.etsy.com and opening a new one.

Last year, I struggled for weeks, even months to choose a business name, and finally just picked something -- but I was never 100% satisfied with it.

Because I wasn't happy with it, I decided to scale back my listings, and I've been biding my time, waiting for the last few items to sell and/or expire before launching my new Etsy shop.

Well, finally, I have decided on a business name I quite happy with: NOELA ( http://noela.etsy.com ) I wanted a simple but elegant name -- something that incorporated letters in my own names, but also had a connection to things that are important and have signficance to me. I also wanted something short, and easy to remember, and that didn't limit any future plans I may have for my business.

My shop is empty right now, but this month I will start transferring my items from my old shop into the new one.

I have a LOT of new stock to list, all kinds of sterling silver, copper, gemstone and freshwater pearl creations, and even chain maille. Oh, and I've also been working on wire crochet -- I've made a couple of crocheted wire cuffs that I've been VERY pleased with.

I have so many ideas, and so little time, between working "part time" and teaching classes, my creative and design time is to a minimum -- This week I have THREE separate private jewelry tutorials booked!

I'm also excited to order my new MOO cards with my new business name. If you check out my new site, I threw up a quick Etsy shop banner that I threw together in Photoshop the other night. Next up I will have to come up with a new avatar and business card design.

And, I'm looking forward to receiving a HUGE shipment of sterling silver wire from the states (good price!) in the soon. (Good news as I'm low on most gauges right now, this place had some pretty good prices) Plus I have a shipment of the most GORGEOUS chocolate brown Tiger Ebony Wood beads coming! I can't *WAIT* to get my hands on those -- I've been lusting after Tiger Ebony wood beads for a loooong time! I have so many ideas for those, too!

So, if you're so inclined, please check out http://noela.etsy.com as I work over the new few weeks to upload my new stock. :)

Oct. 31st, 2006

Cherry Blossom

Happy Halloween from the Ponies!

As you can see, they have already begun their "Trick or Treating" and have come across some lovely Canadian Smarties....It's too bad those boxes are bigger than their heads?!?! How ever will those ponies carry their treats home with their tiny pony hooves? It's a mystery....!

Oct. 1st, 2006


It's all about SCARLETT the PUPPY!

DRAFT (I am still updating this page with photos -- still more to come.) Click on most of the smaller photos for a link to a large photo and more info...

I'm going to try and post as many photos of Scarlett, starting from her earliest puppy photos and working up to current shots...

2 weeks old:

6 weeks old:

Almost 8 weeks old:

Scarlett's first day home with us -- about 9 weeks old:

Chewing her nylabone!

All that chewing tires a pup out!

Sleeping at "Grandma & Grandpa's" house this time.....after chasing that big black cat around!

Scarlett enjoying the +30 C weather on "Grandma & Grandpa's" sundeck! About 10 weeks old in this photo...

Jade decides that puppy nap looks so appealing that he joins Scarlett...(and actually, just before this photo was taken, Jade was actually laying there, "tickling" Scarlett's feet with his paws as she slept!)

The following photos were taken in mid to late August when Scarlett was about 12 to 14 weeks old...

Here is Scarlett with one of her favourite toys -- a tunnel that was formerly a cat toy, which our cats rejected. A couple of months ago, I pulled out the tunnel from the basement and gave it to Scarlett, and it was an instant hit! Immediately she began running back and forth through the tunnel, and later as she got bigger, she began to "attack" the tunnel, biting and dragging it all over the room. There was, at one point, a red fabric ball that hung on a string from one end of the tunnel, and she worked at that for several weeks until she successfully managed to detach it, and that became a favourite toy as well! We have gotten a huge kick out watching her play with this thing! It really doesn't take much to amuse a puppy! ;)

We like to call this photo "bandana butt". ;) We had tied a bandana around Scarlett's neck, and with all her running around and playing, it began to loosen and slide down...

And this is the result!

Scarlett in the park in October....

Look up! Look waaaay up! (Daddy has a treat so of course Scarlett is playing close attention! ;) )

Do you know how difficult it is to get an Australian Shepherd to sit or stand still for the three seconds it takes for a photo?!?! LOL Holding on to her is the only way...(unless there are treats involved! ;) )

The cutest puppy in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD!!!!!!! (And no, we are not biased in the least!!) ;)